Paint Services

Private paint party

I provide everything but the music, aprons, and chairs. This includes tables, easels, canvases, paint, napkins, paint cups, plates for the paint, and table covers. So I would advise your guest not to wear anything they don’t want to ruin.

Price breakdown example: (10 guest X $35) + (15 miles total trip X $.35) = $355.25

25% of $355.25 ($88.81) is due at the time of agreement.

The remainder is due upon artist’s arrival ($266.44)

If less of the anticipated guests arrive, only payment for the people who came is required in the due balance. So (still following the example) instead of $266.44 being due, only $196.44 is due.

Per person$35
Gas $.35 per mile
Deposit25% of total
Life After Life: Back-to-School event

Face painting services

At this time, face painting services will only be offered to non-profit organizations assisting the community. I only charge for gas!

Gas$.35 per mile