Paint Services

Private paint party

I provide everything but the music, aprons, and chairs. This includes tables, easels, canvases, paint, napkins, paint cups, plates for the paint, and table covers. So I would advise your guest not to wear anything they don’t want to ruin.

Price breakdown example:

10 guest X $35 = $350

25% of $350 is $87.50

$87.50 is due to hold time slot.

The remainder is due upon artist’s arrival ($262.50)

If less of the anticipated guests arrive, only payment for the people who came is required in the due balance.

Per person$35
Deposit25% of total

Window Painting

Removable artwork on windows for businesses of all kinds that range from $20 – $50 per window! What I provide:

a) Preparing the walls for painting, including cleaning, dusting, and as necessary.
b) Painting the windows with two coats of paint, in the design chosen by the Client.
c) Cleaning up all painting materials and supplies and disposing of toxic or hazardous materials.

Per window$20 – $50
Deposit25% of total

Life After Life: Back-to-School event

Face painting services

I provide everything, so you will have less on your plate! The only thing I don’t provide are the faces. You have 2 options: $35 deposit and charge each guest, or $35 deposit and $60 an hour for unlimited face painting. No payment, no painting.

Non-refundable Deposit$35 of your total
Choose between:
A) Charge $3 – $20 per face, per guest
B) $60 unlimited face painting